Tutorial – How to model a Microphone Grille

This round we’ve created an NX tutorial with the subject on how to create a Microphone Grille.

The technique is based on utilizing both reverse engineering and classic surface modeling tools to create a visually accurate grille geometry in NX. Now obviously this technique doesn’t just apply to microphone grille, but any types of advanced geometry that you would like to have custom shaped. 

With regards to this tutorial, we’ve provided you with a grille template where you can customize the specifics of your grille yourself. The parameters that can be changes includes the pattern size, the amplitude, tube thickness and period lengths. So if you’re using NX, the foundation for making a custom grille will be handed to you in the link below. In the download, we have also included a STEP file of the mentioned template, but the parameters won’t work on this unfortunately. In addition to that, we’ve also added one of the example microphones used in the tutorial.

So jump right in to the video below to see how it’s done!

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