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Tutorial – How to model a Microphone Grille

In this time around, we will teach you how to model a microphone grille in NX. We’re also giving away a grille template making the process a little bit easier for you, as well as the geometry for one of the microphones used in the tutorial. Check it out!

NORBIT: Visual Excitement

We have been working for NORBIT for a few years already, and we love the fact that presumably (but not really) conservative hardcore engineers are embracing how CGI makes their 3D data shine. In our latest delivery, we worked on making their Aurora SubLED concept shine (in more than just one way).

Miror – Design & Engineering

Miror [ˈmiː.rɔr] – Latin, from mīrus = remarkable / astonishing

Welcome to Miror – Design & Engineering. This company was founded 1st of November 2018 with a purpose of aiding companies in realizing digital prototypes and making it come to life through 3D visualization.