December 2018

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Sparked by the weekly challenge known as Render Weekly, ELD was born. Render Weekly is an instagram challenge providing weekly challenges to deisgners and artists. This week the challenge was “Design and render a lighter.”. We couldn’t stay away from this one, and we teamed up with the talented artist Jordi Cerdà to push the visualization to the max. This concept design has a heavy duty look, combined with a vintage feel by combining vintage leather with slightly rough steel.
All of the components was designed and modeled using Siemens NX. The focus during the process was not only to give it a vintage original look, but also to give it a sense of belonging in a wild nature scenery. This being ther reason for giving it some practical solutions like a an easily interchangeable gas tank, as well as a protective feature for the mouth using a leather strap.


For this project, we used a moodboard where vintage blowtorches, leather and camping/nature was the main sources of inspiration.


ELD - Vintage Lighter Concept Design
ELD - Vintage Lighter

The process

The design was carefully designed using engineering CAD tools (NX), making sure the curves had a smooth flowing shape within the classifications of class A surface modeling.

To make the leather strap convincing, Jordi took the base geometry from NX as a visual basis to sculpt an organic looking leather strap both in an open and closed position.

It was then visualized in KeyShot, making sure we caught all both the overview of the design, but also the intricate details included in the design.

ELD is a vintage styled heavy duty lighter, designed in-house by Miror – Design & Engineering.

Tags: CAD / cgi / concept / design / industrial design / keyshot / NX CAD / product / product design / render / vintage / visualization