June 2018

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Sometimes we take on a little in-house challenges to sharpen our skills. This digital alarm clock was a result of a rendering challenge in 2018 where the purpose was to desgin or model a digital alarm clock and render it. We quickly decided that we wanted to go beyond the average alarm clock as we know it.

We started by looking at the morning rituals, and we mean
details surrounding the very brink of morning, where we unplug our phone from the our charger, check if there’s any messages, and crawl out of bed. Since we’re living in the unpredictable north in terms of weather, our next step is to make sure the weather is as forecasted the day before and dress accordingly.


As much as we like the IKEA charger, there’s a design nuance that leaves me us a little bit annoyed, which is that it can be a little bit tricky to find the correct spot for the charging to engage. That means one have to pay attention to the position and visually wait and confirm that it’s actually charging. With that in mind, we wanted to design a shape that would more easily get your phone positioned correctly. However, we like the minimalistic design and that it makes it simple to charge a phone by just putting it on the surface. It became one of our main inspirartions for the charging part of the clock.

The result

Not only were we happy ourselves with the final concept, but so seemed everyone else, as we can proudly say that alarm clock design was featured at multiple inspirational sites for industrial designers:

The alarm clock that charges your phone and keep you up to date the minute you wake up.

Tags: CAD / cgi / design / industrial design / keyshot / NX CAD / product / product design / render / visualization