September 2018

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The Adamantem Chair concept is and inhouse creation inspired by the premise of all shapes being swept out from a base shape, and how these sweeps both seperates and comes together harmoniously to generate a unique look. 

Althought some very quick and dirty sketches was done in the very start of the project, It wasn’t until we started experimenting in NX CAD that we discovered  something worthwile. We’ve already put away circular as a potential base shape, so we tried exploring diffferent different rectangular shapes and ratios. It wasn’t until we tried a standing diamond with a 6:5 (Height:Width) ratio that we knew we were onto something. Even though we felt closer, it still wasn’t exactly where we wanted it to be, until we added a chamfer on all the diamond edges, and that’s when it clicked. 

After that it was all about making the design come together, polishing the lines with NX and visualizing the concept in KeyShot.

The process

The design was carefully designed using engineering CAD tools (NX), making sure the curves had a smooth flowing shape within the classifications of class A surface modeling.

It was then visualized in KeyShot with the purpose of creating a minimalistic Scandinavian styled clean look.

The Adamantem Chair concept is an inhouse creation inspired by nature. Inspired by the premise of how the frame grows, seperates and comes together from and to a basic geometric shape.

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