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September-October 2019

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Having made its way into TIME’s list of top 100 inventions of 2020 (see the write-up here), the reMarkable 2 digital notepad has made a huge impact the electronic consumer market. With a sleek modern design, 30% thinner than it’s predecessor, 3x the battery life, the updated device is no less than a phenomenal release from the good guys at reMarkable. At Miror, we have had the privilege to have both tested and creating marketing imagery of the device.

As the design itself is clean and distraction free, the work for reMarkable has consisted of delivering CGI content that matches the design. That includes the main device itself, but also markers, folios and accessories.

The folios holds a particularly challenging geometry, as they are made of soft fabrics like leather and felt. To ensure a high quality soft body appearance for the folios, we teamed up with the talented Jordi Cerdà to get the proper fabric appearance.

Below you’ll see a selection of the work we’ve done for reMarkable since September 2019.

The remarkable 2 tablet

The remarakble tablet



Client Voice

Have a look at their website if you’re interested in learning more.

CGI content of the digital paper-feel tablet, reMarkable 2.

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