June 2016 – Ongoing

CGI Images


The FlowMotion ONE is nothing less than the the world’s most versatile smartphone stabilizer.

It’s hard to capture smooth video with your smartphone, we’ve all been there. You think you captured the perfect moment, but it ends up as a crappy memory. That’s what the good guys at FlowMotion Technologies has fixed with their FlowMotion ONE smartphone stabilizer. These guys came to us with their design and ordered some renders to kick off their campaign and do the gorgeous design justice with some great looking renders.

We were given geometry and material specification, with the primary purpose of creating some white background images, together with some in-context images with a bit of artistic freedom.

Miror’s communication and cooperative skills makes the road from CAD data to photorealistic images extremely short, and also takes product visualization to a whole new level.

Eirik Dyrseth / CTO, FlowMotion Technologies

Have a look at their website if you’re interested in learning more.

The CGI of FlowMotion™ ONE – the world’s most versatile smartphone stabilizer.

Tags: cgi / client / keyshot / render / visualization