Andersen EV

2016, 2018

CGI Images


The Andersen EV A2 is a stylish charge point that hides the integrated cable designed for the discerning home owner.

At Miror, we have been working with Andersen over a few of years to provide them with digital visual content for their webpage, as well as flyers and other printed media. Andersen EV provides us with the geometry and the color specs and desire for visual feel, the work below is a smallselected collection of the results.


We have worked with several CGI artists and Miror is the best by far. They understand the briefs brilliantly and turns it into reality. For CGI that doesn’t look CGI, Miror’s work is first class and they are super easy to communicate with.

Mandy Simpson / Brand Director, Andersen EV

Have a look at their website to learn more about their products.

Behind The Scenes

Some of these renders uses photographic backgrounds, while some are purely 3D all the way. Have a look at the sliders below to see behind the scenes.

The Andersen EV A2 charger and the CGI behind.

Tags: cgi / keyshot / render / visualization