2016 & 2018

CGI images


The ROEST coffee roaster is an award winning and innovative new product that will revolutionize the professional sample roasting market.

From the good guys at ROEST, we received both the geometry and a desired material and image specification, which resulted in the images below. Not only did presentation images helped secure their awards, but it also enabled them to show their beautiful product in a photorealistic manner even before a prototype was made.

Animation - Behind the scenes of Roest

Still images

Have a look at their website if you’re interested in learning more.

The process

Magnus Skogsfjord at Miror have been delivering visuals for ROEST already since 2013 when the first prototype saw the day of light. Sverre Simonsen, Co-Founder and lead designer at ROEST can tell us that the visuals are “crucial not only to an end result, but also during the development process to evaluate both material choices and colors”.

Since the final delivery of the images, the guys at ROEST have been working immensely to get their product polished and ready to revolutionize the professional sample roasting market. And it wouldn’t surprise us at all if they manage that, given the amount of awards (Red Dot award 2017 and Asia Design Prize 2018 to name a couple) that these guys have managed to win since the delivery of renders.

This 3D visualization didn’t only help us visualize the end product, it was also important during our development phase to evaluate the aesthetics of material choices and colors.

Sverre Simonsen / ROEST

Miror has aided us in creating some immensely cool images of our final product!

Trond Simonsen / ROEST
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