Miror – Design & Engineering

Miror [ˈmiː.rɔr] – Latin, from mīrus = remarkable / astonishing

Welcome to Miror – Design & Engineering. This company was founded 1st of November 2018 with a purpose of aiding companies in realizing digital prototypes and making it come to life through 3D visualization. 

Our passion lies strong within the fields of Industrial Design and Visualization. We have chosen to summarize what we do to be in the field of Digital Prototyping (external site) since it covers much of what we do.

To further dig in to our delivery specifics, please have a look at our services page. We also recommend you to have a look at our work portfolio to see what we have done for clients as well as in-house productions.

If anything of this seems interesting to you or your company, please shoot us an e-mail so we can discuss how we can possibly aid your company and make your product shine. 

As we always say, there’s no such things as a “boring design”. We believe that any design can be presented in a way that can create excitement for your customers.