Weld textured manifold

Freebie – Weld Texture

For those of you who have been following the author (Magnus Skogsfjord) of these blog posts on social media, you’ve already made sure to grab our latest freebie textures. But if you missed it, here’s a little recap.

A few weeks back, we decided it was time to give a little piece back to a growing and amazing KeyShot community that are well aware of the challenges it is to render engineering CAD data. More importantly, we like to avoid retopologizing geometry unless necessary. This to save time with those pesky revisions.

As CAD data doesn’t have the same visual freedom like in the world of polygon modeling (like UV-mapping), we have to rely on procedural texturing,  remodelling our designs in a polygon modeling toolset, or simply look at alternate workflows to achieve the look we desire. In the following tutorial, we’ll (or, Magnus will) show you how to utilize Local UV-mapping from your CAD to make some awesome looking welds.

To download the textures, please visit GumRoad → (external link) to download it for free. Use the keyword weldme to get a 100% discount. You may donate too if you’re feeling extra generous, but we won’t judge if you just want to download the content and start making your own awesome welds.


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