NORBIT: Visual Excitement

We have been delivering visual content as well as some CAD designs for NORBIT for a few years now, and this well-established engineering company has truly embraced the visual impact that CGI has on their designs. One of our all-time favorite quotes came from NORBIT a few years back when visualizing their switch rack: “Well I don’t know how exciting you can make this as it is just a box”. Well, challenge accepted.

In our latest delivery we’ve been working on the Aurora SubLED subsea lamp that has a whopping 1350W (!) of bright white light, making it able to illuminate even the darkest depths. “With this amount of power and the light-wavelengths chosen, we use double sunglasses to be on the safe side”  Paul Kopperud states. One interesting aspect about the lamp is when it’s at its lowest power, you can see a mixture of blue, green, yellow and magenta colors, as depicted in our final renders.

The Aurora SubLED connected to the power outlet. Visualized by Miror - Design & Engineering

We are used to CAD beeing at tool for mechanical design, manufacturing documentation etc. However through collaborating with Miror design, we have truly discovered the spectacular potential for visualization in our existing CAD data

Paul Kopperud / NORBIT

As NORBIT were preparing to display the product we were handed the CAD data a couple of weeks before the presentation date, and given some pointers on how they wanted it presented. Their visual identity embraces the dark and mysterious vibe, which couldn’t be more suitable for this subsea lamp.

A few renders showing the Aurora SubLED connected to the power outlet together with the final hero render created quite some excitement at NORBIT. Have a closer look below and judge for yourself. 

(Drag the slider below the see the geometry provided by NORBIT themselves, overlapping the visualization)

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2 thoughts on “NORBIT: Visual Excitement

  1. Ricardo Mena says:

    Hi, im Ricardo, im a designer, first, your work is great! you make PRO products, and your renders are a mix of hiperrealism and art, im very interested to know what program u use for make this!? thank you!

    • Magnus Skogsfjord says:

      Hi Ricardo. Thank you, glad to hear you like it! And yes, it’s kinda what I aim for as well.

      This particular image uses a mixture of software. Being that I have my educational roots in Engineering, I use Siemens NX for hard surface design and modeling (which will be the product itself).

      For the water drops I used Blender, and it was all rendered using KeyShot.


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